Institutional Partners

The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

The Indigitization Grant Program is sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC) as part of its mandate to support education and the sharing of knowledge. IKBLC supports Indigitization by providing matching funds of up to $10,000 per grant project. The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre is a facility dedicated to the intellectual, social, cultural, and economic development of the people of British Columbia. They provide publicly accessible educational resources, open spaces for research and innovation, and they work with community partners on initiatives to promote lifelong learning across the province. The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre serves as an education centre, library and as a conduit of knowledge for British Columbia and beyond.


University of Northern British Columbia, Northern B.C. Archives and Special Collections (NBCA) (Geoffrey R. Weller Library)

The Northern BC Archives and Special Collections (NBCA) at UNBC partners with the Indigitization Program to offer professional assistance to Indigenous communities in northern BC that are seeking to build capacity and effective in-house management of their digital heritage resources. NBCA Archivists work with the rest of the Indigitization team to facilitate workshops and offer support to Program applicants. The Indigitization team engages in community outreach events on campus at UNBC and the CollegeĀ  and through meetings with local First Nations community organizations in order to introduce the Indigitization Program.


Museum of Anthropology, Oral History and Language Laboratory (Audrey & Harry Hawthorne Library & Archives)

The Oral History and Language Laboratory (OHLL) provides technical support to Indigitization through the development of a portable audio cassette digitization system designed for implementation in B.C aboriginal communities. This system consists of a digitization hardware system, accompanying digitization and project planning manual and practical, in-person training module. These cassette digitization resources were developed as stand-alone portions of the toolkit to address the specific needs of Aboriginal communities to develop capacities for the digitization of vintage audio formats such as audio cassette. These resources serve as an important complement to the Indigitization Grant Program.


UBC iSchool (Library, Archival and Information Studies)

UBC iSchool is an internationally ranked, multi-disciplinary school offering graduate programs in library, archival and information studies, including focused curricula such as the First Nations Curriculum Concentration (FNCC), which centres information needs and services related to Indigenous peoples. UBC iSchool students have contributed to Indigitization through their FNCC work and experiential learning opportunities at the Program. The UBC iSchool provides resource support and promotion for Indigitization Program initiatives and events.