Our Style and Our Logo

The Indigitization Program’s Visual Identity

The Indigitization Program has a Style Guide which lays out the design elements that make up the Program’s visual identity. The Style Guide provides information on the Program’s brand, our language and voice, appropriate logo usage, typography, standard colours, and use of imagery. For a copy of our Style Guide please email in.digitization@ubc.ca.

About Our Logo

“Raven, a known trickster and transformer of material reality, is depicted here in the process of becoming. Raven is a shape changer, and like technology, represents the movement between fluid and structural form. Often identified with its capacity for mischief, I also like to imagine Raven appreciating the digital realm as a site for play and creativity.”

Alison O. Marks is a Tlingit artist born and raised in Southeast Alaska. As a child of two cultures, native and non-native, the artist brings a unique perspective to her art.” For more about Ms. Marks and to see additional works, please visit http://alisonomarks.com.