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Decolonizing information and preserving knowledge with the Indigitization program

November 28, 2018

*** This post originally appeared at https://www.ubyssey.ca/culture/decolonizing-information-with-Indigitization/ By Darby Lynch. Indigenous groups across BC have an opportunity to receive grant money for their local archival needs due to a groundbreaking project run through several institutions at UBC and the University … Continue reading

Whose 150? Aboriginal Un-History Month exhibition highlights Indigenous work at the university

September 1, 2017

***This article originally appeared on ctlt.ubc.ca. By Emi Sasagawa. “This year, many Canadians are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada. For them, the development of Canada from a colony to an independent nation is the story of the emergence of … Continue reading

Video: Indigitization: It Takes a Community

June 26, 2017

***This video originally appeared on digitalassetsymposium.com Gerry Lawson, Oral History and Language Lab at Vancouver Museum of Anthropology, UBC. “Precious fragments” of indigenous knowledge are increasingly held captive in obsolete audio-visual media formats. The ethics, culture and practices of traditional … Continue reading

With an Eye on the Future, First Nations in Canada Are Switching From Audio Cassettes to Digital

May 9, 2017

***This article originally appeared on GlobalVoices.org and is also available in French, Spanish, Malagasy, Italian, and Japanese. By Eduardo Avila. While not quite obsolete, audio cassettes are losing their appeal as long-term storage solutions of sound recordings. Many First Nations communities across … Continue reading

Video: ASIS&T Presents… Indigitization: Supporting the Digitization, Preservation, and Management of Indigenous Community Knowledge

March 25, 2017

Gerry Lawson speaks about Indigitization on stage, with a photo of Indigitization grantees smiling and testing hardware projected behind him. ***This article originally appeared on blueprintdigital.com Session Summary Diverse Indigenous cultures thrived in British Columbia until assailed by mechanisms of colonization. One element of Indigenous resilience was embedding precious fragments of Community knowledge in magnetic media. These media are increasingly … Continue reading

Video: Sarah DuPont speaks about Indigitization at Information Architecture Summit

Sarah DuPont smiles at the camera. ***This video originally appeared on blueprintdigital.com Transcript: “Hi, my name is Sarah DuPont. I’m the Aboriginal Engagement Librarian at the University of British Columbia, and I’m here with the Indigitzation Program. So, our topic was to illuminate everything about the … Continue reading

Five cohorts of Indigitization project participants unite for inaugural Indigitization Futures Forum at UBC

November 1, 2016

***This article originally appeared on bclaconnect.ca. By Michelle Kaczmarek and Emily Guerrero. Based at the Irving K. Barber Centre at the University of British Columbia, Indigitization is a collaborative project that provides grants and training to First Nations community groups … Continue reading

Indigitization program aims to preserve aboriginal history

March 31, 2016

***This article originally appeared on princegeorgecitizen.com. By Samantha Wright Allen. Even if aboriginal oral history is recorded, it still might need a second step to ensure it’s saved. A new program, dubbed Indigitization, aims to help northern First Nations communities … Continue reading

News from UBC’s Indigitization Program

January 31, 2016

***This article originally appeared on bclaconnect.ca. By Sarah DuPont. Since 2013, the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, the Museum of Anthropology, and the iSchool have supported 19 projects from B.C. First Nations organizations through the Indigitization: Aboriginal Audio Digitization and … Continue reading

Indigenous language and cultural knowledge preservation one byte at a time

June 20, 2014

***This article originally appeared on aboriginal.ubc.ca. By Kevin Ward. UBC partners work with BC First Nations to enable digitization of valuable recordings The prospect of First Nations in this province preserving and revitalizing their languages and cultures, including teaching their … Continue reading