Grant Program FAQs

Indigitization Grant Program FAQs

Q: I have recordings in another format (e.g. reel-to-reel, VHS, photos). Are these eligible?
A: No, the Indigitization Grant is for audio cassette digitization only.

Q: I would like to digitize a personal collection of family recordings. Am I eligible?
A: No, the Indigitization Grant is not for individual applicants at this time.

Q: We’re part of an Indigenous organization based outside B.C. Are we eligible for the grant?
A: No, sorry. The Indigitization Grant only extends to cover communities and organizations within British Columbia. You’re still welcome to use our toolkit and other online resources though.  

Q: I’m interested in applying for the Indigitization Grant but I don’t know how many tapes is considered enough for the grant. How many tapes should I have in order to ask for the full $10,000?
A: The recommended minimum number of audio cassettes per project is roughly 200. If your collection is smaller than this, we suggest collaborating with another organisation with more materials, or perhaps using the cash match you would have put towards this grant to outsourcing the digitization to a professional vendor. We can help match you with a vendor that has worked with culturally sensitive materials. Please email us for a referral

Q: We already possess digitization equipment. Do we have to borrow Indigitization’s?
A: No, the equipment used for the project can be determined by the applicant. However, applications should specify the type(s) of equipment being used.

Q: We already have in-house capacity for digitization and do not require training. Are we expected to come to the whole week of training at UBC?
A: Participants who are already proficient in audio digitization are still expected to participate in at least the first two days of training. This is to facilitate developing a network of digitization practitioners across the province.

Q: We are conducting digitization work as part of a larger project that involves gathering new audio recordings (i.e. new interviews). Are these new interviews eligible for grant funding?
A: No, the grant program is intended for already completed audio content.

Q: Our community has multiple departments with unique audio recordings. Can more than one department from the same community apply for the grant program?
A: Yes, more than one application will be accepted from the same community.

Q: Why do you ask for receipts at the end of the project?
A: Receipts are requested at the end of the project for accountability of public funds.

Q: Do the audio recordings that are digitized in an Indigitization project have to be made publicly accessible?
A: No, we are aware of the importance of restricting broad access to culturally sensitive recordings. The IKBLC does encourage the open access of materials for learning and research, where the participant deems it appropriate.