Indigitization Toolkit

The purpose of the Toolkit is to provide a reference document as well as a series of templates for BC First Nations communities interested in undertaking digitization projects. The Indigitization Toolkit also fits into a broader goal to provide support to First Nations communities in the management of their information.

The Toolkit is based on the combined experiences of the three pilot projects in the three First Nations community partners in the Indigitization project. It is also informed by industry standards and sound practices in the area of digitization.

By supporting digitization projects and building capacity in First Nation communities, the Toolkit is a stepping stone in safe guarding future generations’ access to valuable community information as well as ensuring the long term preservation of these resources.

Download the full Toolkit, or view specific sections:

A. Digitization Overview
B. Project Planning
C. Digitization Best Practices and Guides

D. Audio Digitization
E. Document Digitization
G. Photograph Digitization
H. Metadata and Description
I. Digital Preservation
J. Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Access
K. File Management
L. Community Recording with the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder


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