D. Audio Digitization

This section includes two standalone guides and systems for audio digitization: audio cassette and reel to reel audio. These two guides and systems were created and developed by the Museum of Anthropology’s Oral History Language Lab and Audrey and Harry Hawthorne Library and Archives. Each digitization system is fully portable and once complete will be able to travel to First Nations communities that have audio digitization needs. The First Nations Technology Council will facilitate the loaning out of these audio digitization systems.

Section D pdf

D1.0 Digitization System Assembly Instructions

D1.1 Project Planning
      Appendix D1.1a Filenaming
Appendix D1.1b Collection Inventory Template
      Appendix D1.1c Emerging Metadata Standards

D1.2 Condition Assessment
D1.2a Condition Assessment Container
      Appendix D1.2a Container Condition Report
D1.2b Condition Assessment Cassette
      Appendix D1.2b Condition Report

D1.3a Systems Connections Guide
D1.3b Startup Guide
D1.3c Shutdown guide
       Appendix D1.3 Digitization log

D1.4 Digitization Procedures
      Appendix D1.4 Special Processing Form

D1.5a Creating Access Masters
D1.5b Creating Access Copies
      Appendix D1.5 Glossary

D1.6 Special Processing Guide

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