B. Project Planning

Project planning should take a number of elements into consideration. The purpose or goal of the final collection should inform any decisions made during the planning phase i.e. are you digitizing materials for shorter term use (access) or longer term use (preservation)?

Image001.png [1]

Figure 1. This chart provides three dimensions that inform strategic planning decisions: Scale; Usage; and Audience.


B1 Considerations
B2 Selection of Materials
B3 Ownership, Control, Access, and Posession
B4 Research and Information Protocols Template
B5 Naming Conventions
B6 Checklist of Criteria


  1. Adapted from a flow chart in “Digitization Guidelines” from UMass Amherst Library’s Digital Initiatives:                        https://www.library.umass.edu/assets/Digital-Strategies-Group/Guidelines-Policies/UMass-Amherst-Libraries-Best-Practice-Guidelines-for-Digitization-20110523-templated.pdf




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