Video: Indigitization: It Takes a Community

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Gerry Lawson, Oral History and Language Lab at Vancouver Museum of Anthropology, UBC.

“Precious fragments” of indigenous knowledge are increasingly held captive in obsolete audio-visual media formats. The ethics, culture and practices of traditional information management have served as significant obstacles to media digitization at most small institutions. The innovative Indigitization Program breaks through some of these barriers that First Nations communities in British Columbia are faced with in developing information management practice appropriate to their needs. Gerry will discuss his role in developing the resources that formed the grant program, as well as how the Indigitization team manages program evolution to become more effective and resilient.


Gerry Lawson is a member of the Heiltsuk First Nation, manages the Oral History and Language lab at the University of British Columbia Museum Of Anthropology and is the technology lead for the innovative UBC Indigitization program. He takes a practical, entrepreneurial approach to heritage media preservation with a specialization in Indigenous knowledge recordings. Along with a growing team of friends and colleagues, Gerry tries to foster success through the creation of accessible jargon-free resources, partnerships and communities of practice.