Are you a UBC student looking for a job? Are you interested in learning more about First Nations heritage, archival social justice, or digital humanities? If so, consider applying for the Indigitization Program’s Project Assistant role. Click here to view the complete job description.

The Indigitization Project Assistant will be responsible for remotely coordinating the communications for the program. Website work will involve the careful curation of existing video media, photos, and written copy content into community-friendly digital bites that elicit engagement from former, current and prospective B.C. Indigenous community participants. They will be asked to coordinate team member content, and contribute original content for Indigitization blog. Communication and promotion includes live tweeting, photography, and logistical support as part of the orientation to the program’s values and community engagement core mandate. It is important that the student be culturally sensitive and aware of communications for Indigenous audiences.

As the Indigitization Program branches out into online teaching and learning, the Indigitization Assistant will also help the Indigenous Programs and Services Librarian and the Indigitization Steering Committee to research, design, and implement a forthcoming series of online digitization teaching and learning videos. This work will highly contribute to the growing need for remote learning/training opportunities for Indigenous communities and cultural heritage institutions alike. The Indigitization Assistant will also work with the Indigenous Programs and Services Librarian to begin the initial planning stages for an Indigitization virtual conference that has been proposed for spring or summer 2021.

While there is plenty to occupy the student’s time with the main priorities, we want to provide an opportunity that is mutually beneficial and able to accommodate opportunities that arise from community engagement and student interests.

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