Language Revitalization

New Audio Recordings with Zoom Recorders
Indigenous Language Apps (coming soon)
Transcription and Translation of Language Content (coming soon)

New Audio Recordings with Zoom Recorders

This section is a short guide to community recording with a Zoom H6 Handy Recorder. Included is a template for a Community Recording Documentation Form (Appendix A), a guide to multi-track recording and mixdowns (Appendix B) and a document of inspired practices for audio recording. These materials were made in collaboration with participants at Indigitization Training Week 2019 (Appendix C).

The guide and appendices were created by Nick Ubels, Indigitization Professional Experience Student. The Zoom H6 is a high-quality, but easy-to-use handheld audio recording device. This makes it a great fit for community recording. With a little bit of experience, you will soon be comfortable recording Traditional Knowledge in your community: a precious gift for future generations.