Joey Caro, Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group

Dr. Bernice Touchie, Language Coordinator Ittatsoo Learning Centre

Rory Housty Resource Centre & Research Assistant Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre

Past Indigitization Program participants discuss completed and ongoing audio digitization projects. Together, they tease out areas of tension and discuss how the end-results are being used in their communities. Joey Caro, from the Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group and Penelakut, touches on the practical issues around making digitized material available to his community. Dr. Bernice Touchie, the Language Coordinator at the Ittatsoo Learning Centre in Ucluelet, speaks to the role of digitized material in language learning, and describes how she has used digitized media to structure cultural curriculum at the Learning Centre. Rory Housty from the Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre discusses to how digitized materials have been incorporated into the Centre’s programing. Housty also reveals the wide range of information uncovered during the digitization and translation process.

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