Lisa Nathan

Associate Professor, Coordinator for First Nations Curriculum Concentration
iSchool, University of British Columbia


Lisa Nathan is an Associate Professor at the iSchool, where she teaches design-oriented courses related to information practice, information ethics, Indigenous information initiatives, and information policy. From 2010-2018 she served as the Coordinator of the First Nations Curriculum Concentration. She is currently the Graduate Advisor for the iSchool and a member of UBC’s Designing For People Research Cluster. Through the lens of information practices, she works with others to (re)imagine and (re)design dominant ways of managing information to address long-term societal challenges (e.g., environmental adaptation, decolonization, social justice). Lisa works with a range of collaborators and our inter-disciplinary, collaborative scholarship joins discussions in the fields of Design, Human Computer Interaction, Archival Studies, Library Studies & Information Science. Contributions include design methods (e.g., The Envisioning Cards, Value Scenarios), design theory (e.g., Values as Hypothesis, Multi-lifespan Information System Design), and approaches for designing transformative information practices.