Michael Wynne

Digital Applications Librarian
Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation, Washington State University


Michael Wynne is the Digital Applications Librarian in the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation at Washington State University where he primarily provides support and training for Mukurtu CMS. Michael is also involved in community-oriented digitization and digital curation training and workshops through the Sustainable Heritage Network. Michael received his MLIS (with the First Nations Curriculum Concentration) from the UBC iSchool, where he supported Indigitzation as a graduate student.

Current Role and Responsibilities

Michael first became involved with the Indigitization Program in 2014. As an expert in community-centered content management systems, Michael works with the Indigitization Program Steering Committee to reimagine the relationship between Indigenous communities and academic institutions. Michael contributes knowledge on how content management systems can enrich, protect, and appropriately manage sensitive cultural materials, traditional knowledge, and linguistic information.