2014 spring group photo
Left to right: Roger Patrick (Lake Babine), Michelle George(Tsleil-Waututh), Nadine Hefner UBCIC), Marvin Williams (Lake Babine), Andrew Bak (Tsawwassen), Gerry Lawson (Heiltsuk, MOA), Ryan Dennis (Tahltan), Adrienne Hembree (Tsleil-Waututh), Alissa Cherry (UBCIC), Judy Thompson (Tahltan), Pauline Hawkins(Tahltan), Michael Wynne (UBC), Aaron Leon (Splatsin Teaching Centre Society)

Total Indigitization Grant Funding awarded = $49,263

Project Title: Preserving Lake Babine Nation’s oral history
Participant: Lake Babine Nation Treaty Office
Amount: $10,000
Description: The project’s goal is to train and utilize the current staff and members in the digitization process of the Oral History. The digitization of the Oral History tapes and other relevant materials of the Lake Babine Nation’s members will assist in the preservation of the lands and claims as well as the language and culture. The project is set out in a 6 month time frame and aims to include cassettes from all 5 reserves as well as the off reserve members. The digitizing of the cassette tapes is the first part of the larger Oral History Preservation Project for Lake Babine Nation.

Project Title: Preservation and digitization of Tahltan knowledge and wisdom
Participant: Tahltan Central Council
Amount: $10,000
Description: Tahltan Nation, located in Northern British Columbia, plans to digitize over 200 audiotapes that contain interviews, stories, songs, and traditional knowledge from fluent speakers, Elders, and Ancestors. These recordings will contribute to the language archive and to the development of culturally relevant curriculum, making these materials more accessible to community.

Project Title: Preserving Splatsin historical audio collections
Participant: Splatsin Tsmtaksaltn Teaching Centre Society
Amount: $9263.13
Description: The Splatsin Tsm7aksaltn media staff will digitize a historical collection of two hundred audiocassette tapes containing conversations and interviews with the last remaining fluent speakers of the Secwepemc language at the Splatsin First Nation in Enderby, BC. At present there are only 12 remaining speakers in a Tribe of 843.

Project Title: Unlocking Tsleil-Waututh oral history through audio digitization
Participant: Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Amount: $10,000
Description: This project will organize and mobilize Tsleil-Waututh cultural knowledge recorded in over 150 audio recordings circa 1977 to 1999. The recordings document interviews with Tsleil-Waututh community members and Elders from past use and occupancy studies, elder and community interviews, and recordings of Treaty Negotiations, Halq’emeylem words and phrases, and elder boat trips.

Project Title: A decade of Indigenous governance: Digitizing UBCIC Chiefs Council meetings (1985-1995)
Participant: Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs Resource Centre
Amount: $10,000
Description: This project will digitize and preserve a decade of archival audiotape recordings of UBCIC Chiefs Council meetings from 1985 to 1995. The thirty UBCIC Chiefs Council meetings that were held during this period were recorded on 154 compact cassette tapes which contain significant political, cultural and historical content that will be preserved, reformatted and made digitally accessible.

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