2019 group photo
Back row, left to right: Nick Ubels (Indigitization), Sidney Roberts (UBC), Lisa Nathan (Indigitization, UBC iSchool), Georgina Preston (Stswecem’c – Xgat’tem First Nation), Claudia Thevarge (Lil’wat7ul Cultural Centre), Miah O’Neil-Simpson (Treaty 8 Tribal Association Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research), Lance Stevens (Gitksan Wet’suwet’en Education Society), MOA, Sarah Dupont (Métis, X̱wi7x̱wa Library). Front row, left to right: Harold Harry (Stswecem’c – Xgat’tem First Nation), Gerry Lawson (Heiltsuk, MOA), Kevin Perkins (Cree, FPCC, LAC), Julienne Ignace (Skeetchestn Natural Resources LLP), Tina Erickson (Nakazdli), Shelly Turner (Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs), Alissa Cherry (MOA), Michael Wynne (Mukurtu, Sustainable Heritage Network), Lexlixatkwa7 (Maya) Nelson (Lil’wat7ul Cultural Centre), Charlotte Munroe (Maiyoo Keyoh Society)

Total Indigitization Grant Funding awarded: $32,270

Project Title: Goose Story: Documenting Our Leadership and Building Capacity for Traditional Governance
Participant: Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
Amount: $8,857.00
Description: Like Geese flying in the V formation to travel long distances, the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council seeks to bring Dakelh First Nations together for the mutual achievement of their political goals. Documenting this collaboration are the recordings of over thirty years of CSTC Annual General Assemblies. These recordings need to be digitized so the knowledge within them can be kept in perpetuity and inform traditional governance models moving forward.

Project Title: Lil’wat Nation Audio Cassette Digitization Program
Participant: Lil’wat Nation – Lil’wat7ul Culture Centre (LCC)
Amount: $10,000.00
Description: Lil’wat people have significant gaps in knowledge regarding traditional ways of knowing and being as a result of residential schools, colonialism and cultural assimilation. This project will help uncover and preserve community knowledge, words and stories of Elders, ultimately assisting Lil’wat in their bold steps towards self-governance and self-determination.

Project Title: SXFN Cultural Digitization 2019
Participant: Stswecem’c – Xgat’tem First Nation
Amount: $8,413.00
Description: The SXFN Cultural Digitization project digitized over 200 audio cassette tapes containing cultural materials from elders and various community members from the mid 1990’s onwards. These materials are important for maintaining SXFN traditional knowledge about our Territory, and therefore SXFN culture. By digitizing the tapes, SXFN has ensured that its community members will have access to the voices and knowledge of their ancestors for years to come.

Project Title: Skeetchestn Secwepemc Oral History Collection – 1985 to 2010
Participant: Skeetchestn Natural Resources LLP
Amount: $10,000.00
Description: This Skeetchestn Secwepemc Indigitization Project involves the digitization from audio-tape cassette to uncompressed digital format of a legacy collection made mainly by Dr. Marianne Ignace and Chief Ronald Ignace of many elders from Skeetchestn Indian Band between 1985 and 2010. The recordings involve interviews and narratives in Secwepemctsin and English on the topics of traditional land use and traditional knowledge, stories told in Secwepemctsin, as well as a number of other topics.

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