Info-Maintainers Panel: Perspectives on the Maintenance of Indigenous Information, Data, and Cultural Knowledge

On October 15th, our program manager Kayla Lar-Son will be presenting on a panel along with Maui Hudson (University of Waikato), and Dr. Siobhan Wescott (University of North Dakota). The panel will be a discussion on information maintenance frameworks for Indigenous data sovereignty, and the preservation of Indigenous cultural Knowledges. More information about the event […]

Archival Appraisal and Deaccessioning

On June 15th, 2020, the Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC), along with LUCIDEA, hosted a webinar on The ABC’s of Archival Appraisal & Deaccessioning. Geared towards information professionals,this informative session outlined best practices for appraising archival records and the steps to deaccession records that do not meet an archive, museum, or libraries institutional mandate. […]