2017 Cycle for Indigitization Grant Program open

Indigitization is pleased to announce the sixth call of applicants for the annual Indigitization Grant Program. The Indigitization Grant Program is a matching funds program supporting audio-cassette digitization in partnership with Indigenous and Aboriginal communities across British Columbia. The program seeks to facilitate communities and organizations in converting audio materials on cassette to uncompressed digital […]

Indigitization Futures Forum in the BCLA Journal

June’s Indigitization Futures Forum is featured in this month’s journal of the British Columbia Library Association, as an article created by Sustaining Information Practices Research Assistants, Michelle Kaczmarek and Emily Guerrero, available via the BCLA website. The article, entitled Five cohorts of Indigitization project participants unite for inaugural Indigitization Futures Forum at UBC provides an […]