Audrey and Harry Hawthorn Library & Archives
Museum of Anthropology


Ann is a retired, settler information professional with over 35 years experience in museum work. Most recently (2010-2018), Ann oversaw the Audrey & Harry Hawthorn Library & Archives (AHHLA) at the Museum of Anthropology (MOA) and managed digital projects and services for MOA. The Oral History & Language Lab is part of AHHLA and has led MOA’s involvement with the Indigitization Program. Being part of the Indigitization Program Steering Committee was a highlight of her career, affording the opportunity to work with and for Indigenous communities in rewarding ways. She was especially impressed with the Indigitization Program’s emphasis on community control of recordings and the related cultural knowledge contained on them. She appreciated how the Program is different from most funding grants in emphasizing skills development and in not requiring public products.

Ann’s education includes a Master’s degree from UBC in Anthropology (1985) and an MLIS from the UBC School of Information (2008).

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