Indigitization Website Redesign

Indigitization is excited to announce its newly redesigned website! After several months of hard work and dedicated focus, the site will be officially launched on July 27th, 2020. The new website is easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and is a space that more easily facilitates digital storytelling to showcase what the Indigitization team and community …

Panel with Gerry Lawson: how COVID-19 impacts Indigenous language revitalization

Rising Voices will hold a series of virtual events discussing how “Indigenous communities in Mexico and Canada have been adopting technology and the internet as tools to promote and revitalize their native languages.” Tune into the first online exchange to hear Indigitization Program Technology Lead, Gerry Lawson, in conversation with other Indigenous language activists. The …

Panel #3: Keeping it all together: Information systems and content management

Alissa Cherry, Research Manager, Audrey & Harry Hawthorn Library & Archives, Museum of Anthropology, UBC; Elizabeth Shaffer, Director of Collections, Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre; Amber Ridington, Folk & Heritage Consultant and Doctoral Candidate, Department of Folklore, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Michael Wynne, Digital Applications Librarian, Washington State University

A Conversation with Sarah Dupont, Program Manager

Check out this great interview with Indigitization Program Manager Sarah Dupont, created by iSchool students Monique DuPlessis, Eleri Staiger and Nick Ubels as part of Dr. Richard Arias-Hernandez’s LIBR 581 Digital Libraries class. The video was submitted for a Digital Libraries and Archives News Report assignment.