Alissa Cherry, Research Manager, Audrey & Harry Hawthorn Library & Archives, Museum of Anthropology, UBC
Elizabeth Shaffer, Director of Collections, Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
Amber Ridington, Folk & Heritage Consultant and Doctoral Candidate, Department of Folklore, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Michael Wynne, Digital Applications Librarian, Washington State University

Alissa Cherry and Elizabeth Shaffer share their experience with implementing information management systems. Together, they discuss how they are integrating varied media files within specific management tools. Heritage consultant Amber Ridington speaks about her experience with content management systems on collaborative heritage projects. She shares insights on how these systems may or may not meet the needs of Indigenous communities. Michael Wynne discusses the open-source platform Murkutu. Wynne explains the platform’s recent developments, and the ways in which is it being used by projects to incorporate multiple voices and stories within content.

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