Marianne Ignace, Simon Fraser University
Aaron Leon, Splatsin Tsm7aksaltn
Marvin Williams, Indigenous Planning Facilitator, Lake Babine Nation Treaty Office
Ramona Rose, Northern BC Archives, UNBC

The long-term goal of the Indigitization Program is to support the integration of digital content into community programs.  The Aboriginal Audio Digitization and Preservation Program (AADPP) was first step for some communities towards making audio recordings accessible. This panel discusses how media has been integrated into community programs, and puts forth ideas for the next steps in making media accessible. Marianne Ignace explains how recording storytelling in Secwepemc is helping to reclaim and maintain the rich complexity of the language. She is now working on incorporating the stories into story apps with beautiful illustrations. Indigitization Program participants, Aaron Leon and Marvin Williams, share the progress of their digitization projects. Aaron explains his work with UBC Okanagan developing a videogame app to share stories. Marvin generously shares some of the stories and practices that have been recovered through digitization. In her talk, Ramona Rose from the Northern BC Archives, speaks about some of the unique storage agreements and protocols that UNBC has developed with Northern BC communities.

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